Dallas College 

Donor Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new name of the Foundation?

Starting on July 1, our new name is Dallas College Foundation.

Why did the district decide to make this change?

The Board took action in August 2019 to move toward consolidating our seven colleges under a single accreditation. The shift was designed to remove barriers to completion of degrees and certificates, decrease time to completion and improve the student experience.

Now that Dallas College will be operating solely as one educational entity, students can take multiple classes from all locations resulting in a more consistent and seamless experience.

What does this change mean for each college?

Following the centralization of Dallas College, Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland will no longer be referred to as colleges but will instead be referred to as campuses.

Dallas College will have seven campuses:

  • Dallas College Brookhaven Campus
  • Dallas College Cedar Valley Campus
  • Dallas College Eastfield Campus
  • Dallas College El Centro Campus
  • Dallas College Mountain View Campus
  • Dallas College North Lake Campus
  • Dallas College Richland Campus

What does the Schools model entail?

The primary goal of the Schools approach is to provide a more consistent and seamless experience for students across each of our campuses. Based on our existing Guided Pathways to Success, the new schools will better align with career paths, programs, and disciplines, while preparing students for a career, credential, or academic transfer.

The names of the Schools are below. You can click on each school name for a listing of each corresponding program or discipline.

How does this change affect students?

This transition will not change the nature of our institution or impact our commitment to deliver a robust quality education that we currently offer our students. With the seven DCCCD colleges operating as separate institutions, current accreditation rules required a student to earn at least 25% of their credits from one institution. With Dallas College operating as an approved single entity, however, students will graduate without having to worry how accumulating credits at several campuses might affect their degrees.

Does the change have any impact on the Foundation’s relationship with the College?

The Foundation has always been the sole fundraising arm, even when each college was independently accredited, so we will operate much in the same way. In the new structure, the Foundation falls under the purview of the new Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Advancement. The exact structure of this new department is still being finalized.

What does the transition to Dallas College mean for my scholarship?

Right now, the biggest change will be the switch from “college” to “campus.” For instance, the North Lake College General Scholarship will now be the North Lake Campus General Scholarship.

If enrollment at a specific campus is part of an existing scholarship criteria, it will remain that way as students will be tracked with hours attending at each campus. However, if the criteria call for both campus and program and the program is no longer offered at that location, we will be in contact to make appropriate amendments to the scholarship.

Future scholarships will need to align with one of the Schools, rather than campus.

What does the transition to Dallas College mean for campus specific funds?

We believe that each campus and its surrounding community is unique. Each location will continue to have location-specific funds, particularly if they are central to the student experience and campus culture.

For instance, Foundation held funds for student clubs and athletics at each campus will remain unchanged. Each campus will also continue to have their own Food Pantry fund.

I have left money to the Foundation in my will. Do I need to contact my estate attorney to make a change?

Although our name has changed, all current legal documents, including wills, that include the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) name are still valid.

What if I have additional questions?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your scholarship in greater detail. Please contact the Foundation at foundation@dallascollege.edu or 214-378-1531 so, we can better direct your questions to the right individual.