Dallas College Students


Barrier Busters


We remove barriers that prevent students from attending, persisting and thriving at              Dallas College.

Dallas College Foundation understands that students can’t thrive in either school or life if they don’t have the emotional, physical and mental support they need. That’s why we has prioritized supplying the resources students need to live stable, successful lives.

We eliminate barriers that prevent students from all backgrounds from attending and graduating. Whether students need scholarships, emergency aid, transportation support, or other assistance, we stand ready to break any barriers that stand in the way of student success. The following are highlights of our Barrier Busters:


Emergency Aid Fund

Emergency Aid Fund assists Dallas College students who are on the verge of suspending their educational pursuits when financial emergencies arise. Keeping students on track to degrees and jobs is Dallas College’s number one priority. More than 24,000 Dallas College students live in poverty and encounter issues that cause them to choose between covering their educational expenses or paying for basic necessities. Dallas College Emergency Aid Fund allows our students to continue their educational goals by providing critical assistance to cover shelter, utilities, daycare fees, etc. The Emergency Aid Fund is made available through the generous philanthropic donations to Dallas College Foundation.

Food Pantries 

Food insecurity can have various physical, emotional, and cognitive implications on our students and their academic achievements, which is why Dallas College Foundation strives to create an environment where students an pursue their academic careers without fear of experiencing hunger.

We are committed to eliminating the barriers to college participation and persistence for our students, with food insecurity or lack of access to nutritional foods, being one of them. Through our partnership with the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB), each of our campuses has a food pantry on site that provides critical support to our communities.

By donating to one of the campus food pantries, you can help ensure Dallas College students have access to nutritious meals throughout the year.


Dallas County Promise 

Established by the Foundation in collaboration with The Commit Partnership. Dallas County Promise is a coalition of school districts, colleges, universities, employers and communities that have joined forces to help more Dallas County students complete college and begin careers. The Foundation provides ‘last-dollar scholarships’ to Dallas County Promise students who graduate from a Promise high school with a high school diploma or associate degree. The Promise scholarship covers the gap between need-based financial aid and the cost of tuition for up to a time limit or the completion of a degree.



Dallas College Foundation offers over 400 scholarship opportunities annually to students of Dallas College. Scholarship awards are based on academic excellence, achievement, leadership, goals and/or other factors.