More Success Stories


We want to inspire you with success stories of inspiring individuals who started at Dallas College and those impacting the lives of our students and Dallas College. We invite you to share your story.


Liz Juarez taking care of patients

Liz Juarez

With the support of her family and the Dallas College network, Liz was able to obtain her associate degree in Nursing from El Centro, which served as a foundation for the career of her dreams.

Emma, Preston Nguyen and Peter with Check

Preston Nguyen

Equipped with his Dallas College Education and the support of his parents, Preston was able to win the competition which earned him $100,000!

Photo of Chad Houser

Chad Houser

Chad gives troubled adolescents the opportunity to redirect their lives through Café Momentum.


Jason Bolds an auto body student.

Jason Bolds

Jason returned to school to pursue his passion in the automotive industry.

Photo of Kyndale Chamberlain

Kyndale Chamberlain

Kyndale fulfilled her immediate career goal of becoming a licensed veterinary technician.

Photo of Veronica Sanders

Veronica Sanders

Mother of three finds her passion in Interior Design.