Our Vision

We envision a future in Dallas County where anyone, from any zip code, can gain the knowledge and skills they need to advance economically and achieve their dreams.


Our Mission

We advance economic mobility for students in our community by channeling the power of philanthropy to help Dallas College rise to new heights of innovation, excellence and equity.



Funding Priorities


Barrier Busters

Eliminate barriers that prevent students from all backgrounds from attending and graduating.

Educational Excellence


Provide students with an exceptional, nation-leading educational experience.

Career Connections

Community Connectors

Connect students to careers that support living wages and wealth creation.

Economic Impact 

The Dallas College 40-year return on investment (ROI) is approximately 


for an Associate degree 


for a Certificate


to the Dallas County economy (in net added income each year through payroll and operations spending)

Success Stories

Monisha Clifton

Monisha Clifton

A Dallas native turns a love of baking pies for her community during the pandemic into a culinary career with the help of Dallas College culinary arts program.

Preston Nguyen

Preston Nguyen

Equipped with his Dallas College Education, Preston was able to won the Annual World Food Championship and a $100,000 prize!