Our Impact

50 Years of Barrier Busting 

Our Impact Infographic $71 million

We’ve busted a variety of barriers that hold students back from attending, persisting and thriving at Dallas College:

  • We offer over 400 different scholarships and programs, including our largest scholarship program: Dallas College Promise, powered by Rising Star. Through Dallas College Promise, we’ve helped over 10,000 scholars and awarded $6.5 million in aid.
  • Thanks to our partnership with the North Texas Food Bank, each Dallas College campus now has an onsite food pantry.
  • We’ve delivered over $71M in scholarships and grants

Taking Dallas College to New Heights

Our Impact Infographic $7.4 million

In the past five decades, we’ve supported groundbreaking Dallas College programs that have elevated the college to new heights of innovation, excellence and equity:

  • We’ve raised over $1 million for Dallas College STEM Institute, a first-of-its-kind program that has supported more than 600 students in a wide variety of high- demand STEM fields.
  • Since 2014, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses has helped 643 graduates with $7.4 million in funds.


And We’re Not Done Yet

Our Impact Infographic $75,000 grant

Newly launched programs are already making a difference, with more game changers to come:

  • A $75,000 grant from Lyda Hill will boost Dallas College’s efforts as lead partner on a $8.8 million federal grant to support Dallas’ biotech workforce.
  • Moving into our next 50 years, we’ll launch even bigger, bolder projects to help Dallas College transform lives and communities through the power of higher education.




We envision a future in Dallas County where all residents in our region, no matter their zip code, can gain the knowledge and skills they need to advance economically and achieve their dreams.


We advance economic mobility for students in our community by channeling the power of philanthropy to lift Dallas College to new heights of innovation, excellence and equity.