Culinary, Pastry, and Hospitality program students.


Culinary, Pastry & Hospitality

Investment in Food and Hospitality: $10,000,000

Dallas College is home to one of Dallas' most notable and affordable culinary and hospitality programs. The Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality program provides training through classroom instruction, hands-on participation and work-study classes for three different food service careers: Culinary Arts, Bakery/Pastry Arts and Food and Hospitality Service.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has an expanding population, busy convention centers, and rapid growth of hotels and restaurants creating strong demand for qualified personnel to staff these facilities.

With a projected 2,500 jobs added in the food and hospitality industry in Dallas County within the next year alone, Dallas College is preparing to enhance and expand its bandwidth to meet the local demand for not only chefs, but also restaurant designers, food stylists, dietitians, food salespeople and food media specialists.

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Selected as one of America's top 20 culinary schools by FSR Magazine; Texas Restaurant Industry growth is the 3rd fastes in the nation


Expanding Culinary, Pastry & Hospitality

The demand for skilled professionals will far exceed the number in the industry pipeline. With the boom of restaurant, hotel and convention business in the metroplex, there are lots of job openings for top-quality food service professionals, but a shortage of skilled employees who are truly qualified for those jobs.

The current El Centro Campus Culinary, Pastry & Hospitality program is operating at capacity and we are in the midst of program expansion with the North-Campus. Dallas College is tasked with responding to the community and industry need to help address the current skilled worker shortage, and the simultaneous food and hospitality growth needs.

The college offers different program paths that are a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on participation, critical thinking and work-related experience designed to prepare students for three different food service careers:

  • Bakery/Pastry Arts: Prepares students to work in bakeries, pastry shops, hotels, country clubs and bakery commissaries.
  • Culinary Arts: Prepares students to work in full-service restaurants, hotels, club and catering operations, health spas, cruise lines and other food service operations.
  • Food and Hospitality Service: Develops students in management and culinary foundation expertise which prepares them to work in various food service operations.

Dallas College is committed to the economic development of Dallas County and understands the critical position that education plays in the vitality and sustainability of a vibrant community.

“Texas is projected to set the pace with restaurant-and-foodservice job growth above 15% between 2014 and 2024 with Dallas being one of the cities topping the list”.
– Restaurant Industry Forecast, National Restaurant Association

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