Crowdfunding FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to crowdfund at Dallas College?

All crowdfunding costs are currently being covered by the Dallas College Foundation. Your campaign receives 100% of the funds raised.

What approvals are necessary to start a crowdfunding campaign?

All campaigns must be approved by your campus president prior to being accepted into the program. Talk with your faculty advisor to learn more about how to work with campus leadership to obtain approval.

Is there a size requirement for a team?

Yes. All accepted projects must have a leadership team of 5-8 people who are fully committed to the fundraising success of their campaign. You do not need to have your entire leadership team identified in order to apply, but your group will have to form its leadership team before starting the training.

What kind of projects are likely to get invited to an interview?

Crowdfunding can support many different types of projects that are affiliated with Dallas College, there are three main qualities we look for in candidates who wish to apply to the program:

  1.  A great story tied to the Dallas College mission
  2. Strong leadership team
  3. Large and active community

Applicants should show they have a clearly defined need for funds that relates to the mission of the college. Groups that have a passionate and committed leadership team are more likely to be considered for an interview. Finally, raising money through crowdfunding requires groups to have a large and active community of fundraisers. These are the three most critical factors for applicants to demonstrate.

What kind of training does the program provide?

We are committed to training and educating groups on how to be effective fundraisers so they are adequately prepared for the launch of their campaigns. On average, teams that go through this training raise over $5,000 in 30 days.

If we are a student group, do we need a faculty advisor?

Yes. All student groups who are accepted into the program must have a faculty or staff advisor who will oversee your fundraising campaign.

Your faculty/staff advisor will be responsible for:

  1. Ensuring your campaign maintains compliance with our institution’s policy
  2. Administering the funds on behalf of the team
  3. Monitoring the campaign throughout the fundraising period

Your faculty/staff advisor is not required to participate in any of the training offered by the program and is not required to participate in the fundraising process, although it is strongly encouraged.