Establish a Scholarship

When Christopher Polk started his college career, he convinced himself that math was so challenging, it was something he could never do. However, a little inspiration from his math professor at the El Centro campus changed his perspective. Chris learned that he excelled in math – and found the challenge rewarding.

Chris graduated with an associate’s degree in mathematics. He received a full scholarship to the University of North Texas-Dallas Campus, where he plans to earn his bachelor’s degree in math and secondary teaching.

Thanks to the scholarship he received from the Dallas College Foundation and the inspiration he gained from his math teacher, Chris now dreams of passing along his passion in math to other students by becoming a community college professor.

Photo of Alumnus Christopher Polk“I want to make a difference in the lives of students, the way my professor made a difference in my life. The reason I have been able to go far is because of the support I received from the Foundation. Those scholarships changed my life.”

– Christopher Polk

Establishing an Endowed Scholarship

Dallas College Foundation also works with donors who wish to establish a lasting legacy with the Foundation by creating an endowed scholarship. Endowed scholarships create a permanent legacy for students. Endowed gifts are placed in a permanent fund; a portion of the income earned from that fund provides scholarship assistance to students, both on a need and merit basis.

For many students, the importance of scholarships and financial aid means the difference between receiving a quality education or not. For some donors, establishing an endowed scholarship allows the opportunity to create a more permanent legacy for students.

By endowing a scholarship with the Foundation, you provide perpetual income for supporting students at Dallas College. A minimum gift of $25,000 permanently endows a scholarship at the Foundation, and invests in the future of Dallas County by providing critical support to students.

For more information about endowing a scholarship with the Dallas College Foundation, please contact our Major Gift Fundraiser, Sid Buniff, 214-378-1578.

Creating a Scholarship Fund

You can help the Foundation make a difference in the education of deserving students by donating to or establishing a scholarship with the Foundation. Scholarship awards given every year help a variety of students receive crucial aid to pay for tuition and books for their studies at Dallas College.

With the costs of higher education escalating in the United States, it is becoming more and more difficult for families to afford a quality education; therefore, this puts a higher need and priority on scholarships.

Donate to an Existing Scholarship

The Foundation manages hundreds of scholarships supporting a variety of interests and programs of study. We invite you to join your fellow philanthropists in giving to one our existing scholarship funds.

Creating a Named Scholarship

With a gift of $5,000 or more, donors may fund a named scholarship to establish a legacy, honor the memory of a loved one or a friend. Donors may also designate a set of specific criteria for the scholarship. For more information about creating a scholarship fund, please contact our Major Gift Fundraiser, Sid Buniff, 214-378-1578.