Educational Excellence 


We help Dallas College develop game changing solutions to students’ challenges. From piloting new ways to support students on their paths to fulfilling, well-paid careers, to bolstering cutting-edge academic offerings, to researching what works, we use philanthropic dollars to push Dallas College to new heights of innovation.

School of Education 

Research shows that high-quality, full-day pre-K programs have significant, positive effects on school readiness, academic achievement, and high school completion rates. Still, more than 39,000 eligible children in Dallas County are not enrolled in Pre-k. The primary issue is that there aren’t enough qualified teachers to expand program offerings in North Texas.

To mitigate this issue, Dallas College has expanded its early childhood education program to make high-quality, affordable education available to those who want to serve in our local school districts. By doing so, Dallas College is set to aid in the teacher shortage with the first cohort of students enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education and Teaching (B.A.S. ECE) entering the workforce in 2023, as early childhood educators, or as public school teachers.

With key support, Dallas College School of Education is poised to become a leading incubator for exceptional teachers who will prepare future generations of students for a journey of lifelong learning.