Dallas College Funds

Scholarship and Fund List -G

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  • Gateway to College Grant
  • Gayle Weaver Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Gayle Weaver Memorial Endowment
  • George Dawson "Hold Fast to Dreams" Scholarship
  • George L. Nelson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • George L. Nelson Memorial Endowment
  • George Massingale Music Scholarship
  • George Rather Jones Memorial Scholarship
  • George Russell Bowdre Memorial Scholarship
  • Glenna Montgomery Reames Scholarship
  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative Grant
  • Goldman Sachs Sponsorship Event Fund
  • Grace C. Clark Memorial Scholarship
  • Graduation Regalia Campaign
  • Greater Dallas Restaurant Association Endowed Scholarship
  • Greater Dallas Restaurant Association Endowment
  • Greater Texas Foundation Grant
  • GTE Customer Call Fund
  • Guaranty Bank Scholarship
  • Gulf States Toyota T-TEN Automotive Technology Retention Scholarship
  • Gus and Evelyn Katsigris Endowed Scholarship
  • Gus and Evelyn Katsigris Endowment
  • Guy Gooding Student Leadership Award

For questions, please call the Dallas College Foundation at 214-378-1531 or email at foundation@dallascollege.edu