Dallas College Funds

Scholarship and Fund List -W

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  • W. Cecil Winters Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • W. Cecil Winters Memorial Endowment
  • Walmart Brighter Futures 2.0 Project Grant
  • Walt Collins Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Walt Collins Memorial Endowment
  • Walter L. Pike Endowed Scholarship
  • Walter L. Pike Endowment
  • Werner Vogeli Endowed Grant
  • Werner Vogeli Endowed Scholarship
  • Werner Vogeli Grant Endowment
  • Werner Vogeli Scholarship Endowment
  • Wheeling/Westberry Teaching Endowed Scholarship
  • Wheeling/Westberry Teaching Endowment
  • Wilbur Dennis Memorial Scholarship
  • William D. Bacheller STEM Scholarship
  • William H. Lant Automotive Technology Memorial Scholarship
  • William S. McLoda Memorial Fund
  • Wolman and Conroy Family Scholarship
  • Working Connections Texas IT Faculty Development Institute Grant

For questions, please call the Dallas College Foundation at 214-378-1531 or email at foundation@dallascollege.edu