Employee Giving Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dallas College Employee Giving Campaign?
The Dallas College Employee Giving Campaign is an annual campaign for Dallas College employees to participate in and support our students and our community. It is designed to raise awareness throughout the college about the importance of private gifts to the Dallas College Foundation.

The campaign is an internal fundraising effort specifically focused on participation for all employees, including faculty, staff and administrators. 


Where do Dallas College Employee Giving Campaign gifts go?
Each year, a the Dallas College Foundation Executive Director selects a college-wide priority. This year it is the Dallas College Emergency Aid Fund, which has been particularly helpful to students throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

As an alternative, you may also donate to any existing Foundation fund of your choice. Simply select "Other" in the designation drop down menu and type in the fund name.


Why is faculty and staff giving important?
As members of the Dallas College faculty and staff, we are aware of the need for ongoing investment in our programs, people and infrastructure. We know that investment pays significantly in terms of the student experience, the well-being of our district and our future. Also, because we care about Dallas College students.

By participating in the Dallas College Employee Giving Campaign, employees demonstrate pride in and dedication to our students and our community. We also send a powerful message to those outside the college, such as legislators, corporations and foundations, and alumni and friends that we are committed to Dallas College.


I can only give a modest amount. How can that possibly make a difference?
Our goal is participation — every gift is important! The Dallas College Employee Giving Campaign shows the power of each individual. When one person’s gift adds to another’s, and another’s, together, our gifts add up to a significant amount. But most of all we demonstrate to our alumni and friends who have invested on our behalf that we share their commitment.


How will my gift be recognized?

The Dallas College Foundation will issue gift receipts for all gifts made to the Dallas College Employee Giving Campaign. Additionally, donors who give a gift of $70 or more will receive a special gift!


I want to make a big impact. I want my gift to endure forever. How can I do that?
You may contact Sid Buniff, Major Gifts Fundraiser for Dallas College Foundation, to discuss making a lasting impact through estate gifts and other planned giving options. 


I have included Dallas College in my will or trust. Do I need to do anything else?
Yes, it is important to document your bequest to Dallas College with the Dallas College Foundation. The process is simple and provides the opportunity for you to define the impact that you want your gift to have. A development professional will assist you and donor information can be kept confidential if you so desire.


Can I donate to other charities?
We appreciate that you want to support other charities. The Dallas College Employee Giving Campaign is an internal fundraising campaign that supports our internal community. If you wish to support other charities, we encourage you to reach out to them directly.


How do I give a one-time gift?
You may choose to make a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift using your debit or credit card.


How do I give through payroll deduction?
To give through payroll deduction, simply select the “Payroll Deduction” option and select the amount of your MONTHLY contribution. Your gift will be deducted in equal installments for 12 or 9 months. For instance, an monthly gift of $5 will be $60/year if you select 12 monthly installments or $45/year if you select 9 monthly installments.

At the conclusion of the campaign, the Dallas College Foundation will reach out to you to confirm your gift and request your signature prior to the first deduction.


Who should I contact if I have questions about payroll deduction?
You should contact Talent Central at 214-378-1507.