Dallas College Funds

Scholarship and Fund List -A

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  • AAMAAL Information Technology Scholarship 
  • AAMAAL Nursing Scholarship 
  • A.B. and M.E. Otokiti PSA Management, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
  • A.B. and M.E. Otokiti PSA Management, Inc. Endowment
  • Achieving Latino Academic Success (ALAS) Scholarship
  • Adolph Streng Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Adolph Streng Memorial Endowment
  • Alex Puente Memorial Scholarship
  • Alice Butler Theatre Scholarship
  • Alice Jones Berding Endowed Award in Music
  • Alice Jones Berding Music Endowment
  • Allan G. Calkin Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Allan G. Calkin Memorial Endowment
  • Allen Laws Oliver, III Endowed Scholarship
  • Allen Laws Oliver, III Endowment
  • Allied Health Core Curriculum Program
  • Altrusa International Grant
  • Alluri Family STEM Scholarship 
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists Scholarship
  • American Association of Women in Community Colleges Grant
  • Angels of Richland Theatre Scholarship
  • Ann Bradshaw Stokes Foundation Scholarship
  • Ann Powers-Prather Nursing Scholarship
  • Ann Priest Endowment
  • Ann Priest Writing Endowed Scholarship
  • Anna Fursova Memorial Dance Fund
  • AT&T Arts and Letters Fund
  • Atmos Energy ECC Earth Science Class Geol 1401 Fund

For questions, please call the Dallas College Foundation at 214-378-1531 or email at foundation@dallascollege.edu